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Kendana Kay is a relationship coach who facilitates breakthroughs for those exhausted and disappointed by life because they aren’t experiencing the relational joy they crave.

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My Infinite Heart

"Yes! So many 'ah ha' moments in your videos. Thank you for sharing your journey. So encouraging and prodding to take action."

-Lindsay, Member of My Infinite Heart

"I'm not always able to catch your updates, but when I do, they always speak to me on a personal level, and I'm able to take away 'nuggets' that I can use."

-Karen, Member of My Infinite Heart

"I love these videos. I look forward to them in the morning while I drink my coffee! Thanks for being so vulnerable and sharing your story."

-Amanda, Member of My Infinite Heart

About The Group

My Infinite Heart

This is a private group facilitating breakthrough & alignment for those committed to manifesting their unique God-Given design


I'm Kendana Kay

I'm a relationship coach who facilitates breakthroughs for those exhausted and disappointed by life because they aren’t experiencing the relational joy they crave. I'm a veteran worship leader, musician, and licensed minister. I have earned certifications in Elijah House and Theophostics inner healing modalities, as a Health Coach, and as a John Maxwell Team speaker, trainer, and coach. I'm a mother of 10 children, and have been homeschooling for over 35 years. My husband of 38 years, Johnny, passed away in 2021. I live in Olathe, Kansas with my two youngest children. 

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"I cannont recommend Kendana's book enough. From the very first paragraph, you won't want to put it down! What an honor to be so intimately welcomed into their journey through these powerful and inspirational pages. As someone who has witnessed and learned from Kendana's legacy firsthand, I am happy to now be able to share her heartfelt wisdom with others through this book!

-Rachel K. Holt, Founder of Because Marriage Matters


"...emotional, relational, spiritual, and overflowing with mental vulnerability. Your journey with Kendana will draw out "...treasures hidden in the darkness--secret riches" Is. 45:3
Kendana's story is worth telling and hearing. Enter it with open eyes and an open heart and I'm confident her experience will release treasures in your life.

-Pastor David Frech, Founder of COTH

"If you have ever wondered HOW to actually live an intentionally empowered life, Kendana's debut book is a master class...delivered through an inspiring and entertaining read. This timely memoir shows why she is such a great coach...she has done the work herself!

-Paul Martinelli, Internationally Acclaimed Business Coach, Founder of The John Maxwell Team


Work with Kendana


1-on-1 or Couple Coaching

She facilitates deep transformation and healing around past trauma, collapsing time and catalyzing clients to fulfill their God-Given design and purpose

Live Events

Experience deep transformation with her at a live event, randomly offered a few times per year

Online Courses

If you are a couple desiring to create an epic marriage, r if you are someone hungry to reconnect with your own authentic heart, one of her 14-week courses is for you

Guest Speaking

Whether at a retreat, conference, or worship service, Kendana is a master teacher and guide through her keynotes and workshops. Is your group ready to be equipped, encouraged, and entertained? Then book her today for your next event.

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